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Victoria gave me a trip to Mystic for Christmas, 2002, payable in May. This winter was a hard one
and so we both looked forward to a trip with a nautical theme and the potential for lobster. Mission

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It was rainy as we arrived. We didn't eat here.

But, since it wasn't quite time for supper, we stopped off for a quick clam strip roll and a cup of tea.

Victoria enjoying same. It was a 'dine outdoor' joint and it was rainy so we ate in the car.

This is where we stayed, a couple of miles upriver in Old Mystic.

We had the Mark Twain room. I bet he enjoyed the whirpool bath.

Full Country Breakfast the next morning was cinnamon french toast with layers of cream cheese and strawberries with some sort of orangey syrup.

Our main objective was the Mystic seaport. Here were lots of old sailing vessels, lovingly restored along with the village that went with it.

Stack of dory boats alongside the whaling ship Charles W. Morgan.

Oyster dragger next to the Oyster House.

Nellie oyster sloop.

They used to deliver lobsters right here. For lunch we went down to where they still come in at the dock.

Another oyster/clam boat.

During the season they rent out a fleet of sailing dinghies.

Masts and spars seasoning in a long shed.

The Shipsmith Shop.

The Smith, showing us how it's done.

Whaler Morgan during a sails and rigging demonstration.

Made-on-premises whaleboat.

Just steps from the dock...there is also a church, equally close.

Aboard the Morgan, where the work was done.

Beautiful yachts, everywhere. The Silver Heels.

Where the figureheads and name boards are made.

Mystic is a working shipyard and they've kept all the skills alive. Here are some oaks waiting to be turned into masts and spars.

Abbott's is not easy to find. Noank is a tiny little finger of a village beyond Mystic. It's worth the getting-there.

The sun was shining and it was just barely warm enough to sit outside. Off to the left is the boatyard.

Looking out across the water.

Hot lobster roll...drenched in butter and that's all.

Another pair of diners, enjoying lobsters and the view.

After lunch we visited the Mystic Aquarium. A quartet of Beluga whales and their keepers.

Beluga whale in action.

Victoria enjoying the penguins in action.

Seals and their keepers.

Sunset over the Mystic river.

That's all, folks.
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May 10, 2003 2:54 PM