Escaping the NJ cold we headed out for a visit with Chris and Rebecca in sunny, 70s, Los Angeles.
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Leaving NYC behind, this is the Verazano Narrows bridge.

Several hours later and we were over the canyon country of SW Colorado - SE Utah.

I believe this to be the San Juan River.

Again, uncertain, but believe this is Lake Powell from 35,000 feet.

Our home away from home, Saga Motor Hotel, on Colorado across from Pasadena City College, where Rebecca is a faculty member in the Art Department.

Our first stop was Rebecca's studio.

Art stuff.

Some more of Rebecca's work. Later, we visited her show at the Santa Monica Museum of Art >>> onward.

Our next stop was the Huntington Library-Gallery-Gardens, a remarkable place.

A forest of weird cacti and their desert kin. This winter day in LA was 70 and sunny.

Next garden over is a complete Japanese landscape...

...including a country house. We had a snack after that and then toured the Morris show and the Library itself.

The next day we headed up the hillside toward The Getty Center. Parking is underground, just off the freeway in Sepulveda Canyon.

Victoria amid breathtaking architecture and setting.

From the gardens at the Getty looking back up toward the museum buildings.

Panoramic view, looking south across Los Angeles to the Pacific.

Me, enjoying the sun.

Next stop: Santa Monica Museum of Art to see Rebecca's show.

One of Rebecca's paintings.

Rebecca and Victoria talking to Chris, staffing the information desk (his final day on the job!).

V and I split off and headed down to Venice Beach, where there is always a show.

The sun heading into the Pacific.

Such a fine day!

Us waiting for some Mexican food.

The morning of our last day in town, we went to the Farmers' Market on Ivar and Selma between Hollywood and Sunset Blvd.

Contemplating Scientology.

A huge amount of fresh produce (was tasted by us).

Orchids for sale.

Somewhat hungered by our ramble, we made it over to Roscoes for chicken N waffles.

I'm not kidding. This is for real. V isn't really a waffle fan, though.

The real deal. This is about as small a plate as Roscoe will sell you.

Next stop, brunch in the Hollywood Hills - art collector friend of Rebecca's.

There was a nice view from up there.

Over east is the Griffith Park Observatory getting refurbished.

Having some refreshments on the balcony.

Next, we sped over to The Gamble House. Of course in the website they don't have scaffolding. It's being renovated.

Our all-too-brief trip reached it's end as we climbed aboard our JetBlue flight back to chilly NJ.

The air over Arizona was clear and the Little Colorado River seemed close, even from 35,000 feet.

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