Christmas 2003, Madison, VA

Digital photography by Kurt with a Fujifilm A210, December 24-28, 2003. Click thumbnail for larger image.

We drove through heavy rain on Christmas Eve until we passed Carlisle, PA and headed down through Md, WV and into VA, where the sun broke through and the rest of the trip was fine, sunny, and mild. Victoria in the living room. Bill and Pat.
V got a new shower head! Bill having some Christmas. Pat got a sweater!
K got a cheesehead hat, cheese necktie and flown-in-from-Wisconsin cheese curds for snackin. Bill and Victoria. Around the dinner table.
No bad news! Just family phone calls on Christmas afternoon. Nice sunset on a chilly Christmas evening. We visited the neighbors' horses.
Pat (the neighbor) with one of her horses. Victoria trying to teach the horse a Christmas carol. Later, a little light reading.
V gave K a fine book on the history of flight. The country house. Can you hear me now?
We had an afternoon tea on the 26th. Pat (the neighbor) and Bill. James and Sheila Hoben. Sorting through boxes of Christmas ornaments.
Ornaments are made for decorating. Old barn in the woods. Out for a walk.
Old fence and country road. Pat's horses, grazing. Bluejay at the feeder.
Gazing ball. We had lunch at the Palladio at the Barboursville Vineyard. Wonderful food. Back of the house from across the cornfield.

That's all, folks!

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