Digital photography by Kurt and Victoria Wagner, December 21-28, 2002.
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We dared the weather and holiday crowds to deter us and travelled from New Jersey to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Thence by rental car we made our way NW to Cedar Hill, a couple of miles south of the Colorado state line. There, we spent some time with my parents and sister and had a nice holiday.

Victoria as we headed to the airport in NJ.
Our plane.
By the time we arrived in Albuquerque it was after 9pm. We picked up our rental car, sought out a late supper, and hit the sack.
The next day we arrived at my parents' shortly after noon. Victoria, having some of the holiday ham on a biscuit.
Erica brought along her cat, Rocky, who entertained us all and seemed to make himself right at home.
It snowed lightly off and on during our stay. This is the view up the canyon from my parents' place. Click the photo for a larger image (549KB).
The view across the canyon.
The Christmas spread.
My parents' handmade home. Most of the furnishings and decor were made by my Dad.
Christmas morning revealed powdery new snow. Click photo for a larger image (613KB).
Mom and Erica prepare the new ice cream machine for use.
Evening comes to the canyon. Click photo for a larger image (516KB).
Back in Albuquerque we prepared for an early flight home. Task: packing all of the goodies.
We took off at dawn, heading home.

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