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Arnold and Brenda Lovering, longtime friends of Bill & Pat Heenan, invited us up to their home in Chatham, Cape Cod, to spend a few days and enjoy high season at a truly beautiful place. It's easy to see why so many people practically worship Cape Cod. A couple of hours from the teeming city, it is a mixture of pine-scented rustic, country elegance, and plenty of salty history. For a peek at a great restaurant we visited, go here: Here's the view from atop the harbormaster building at Fish Pier: We had a wonderful time! Click a picture for a larger view.

Lighthouse beach - some clouds and a sprinkling of rain. High tide covers the sand bars. Arnold points out the various barrier islands. Jasper, relaxing at home.
We took a stroll up and down Main, lined with shops, galleries and restaurants. Clamming at the head of Chatham Harbor. Lighthouse beach again, tide going out.
Yum. There is a weekly concert at the town bandstand and folks can grab some good eats like this. The Loverings' place on Ryder's Cove. Kayakers at Fort Hill, part of the Cape Cod National Seashore Park. Ocean is beyond wetlands & dunes.
Nice combo. Sign outside wild bird seed store. Another sign outside same store.
Brenda Lovering Arnold Lovering Skip Lovering brings the boat over to the dock.
Some folks have a pretty good arrangement. We head out of Ryder's Cove, into Bassing Harbor and out towards North Beach. Our spot on North Beach, looking back towards Chatham.
Low tide, looking toward Chatham. Chatham Light. A couple hundred yards across North Beach is the Atlantic Ocean side.
Sand Crab molts. State clam inspector. Our spot.
I took a ride out with Skipper and John a mile or so beyond North Beach. Skip snagged a dogfish. The Grizabella, beached for boarding passengers.
Back at the house, I learned how clam shucking is an acquired skill. Victoria and I managed one each, while Skip easily did a couple dozen. Quahogs.
A magnificent lobster dinner. Patricia's birthday at hand, she got a pie for dessert! We visited Fish Pier to watch the afternoon unloading.
Seal hanging out, in case there's something to eat. Fishing boats. Another seal.
A load of dogfish here. The "cash" fish: some cod, striped bass, and flounder, were iced underneath. We dropped by Abbots in Noank, near Mystic, CT for a lobster roll on the way home.

That's all, folks. We sure had a nice time and wish to thank the Loverings for their hospitality.

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