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I adopted Phoebe and Maude from the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, NJ in November, 1994 when they were about six months old. Victoria adopted Spencer from PAWS in Montclair, NJ in April, 1999. Phoebe was called Sylvia, Maude was called Sheila and Spencer was called Jolly. Spencer moved in with Phoebe and Maude in January, 2000 and since then we've been one big family. Phoebe has not yet friendlied up with Spencer, but Maude does get along with him. Our cats need at least 24 hours of sleep per day, sometimes more.

We only have the one basket, but at some point each cat, Phoebe, Spencer and Maude, was caught there.
Phoebe Spencer Maude
At the old apartment, Spencer enjoyed his window hammock. Spencer and his friend, the coffee cozy. Maude was happy with a new scratcher.
Phoebe enjoying a cozy little nest.

That's enough for now. I have close to a thousand cat pix and
about 90% of them involve some sort of sleeping or lounging
activity. Spring is approaching, and the cats are looking forward
to spending time out in the breezes of the back porch.


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