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The snow around our house wasn't melting quite fast enough, so we took advantage
of a Saturday of clear weather getting up near 50ºF for a little outing to a place
where it's always warm summertime. Click the picture for a larger image.

The snow still buries a lot of the foliage on the front side of the house.

That's the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground as we head down the FDR on the W side of Manhattan.

Admission was free to the Botanic Garden. The Japanese Pond is still icebound. The sun was out, though and it wasn't that cold.

More Japanese Garden.

I'm sure that in the summer this is even more beautiful. Not bad even now.

Approaching the Steinhardt Conservatory - indoor plant collection.

First stop: the Bonsai Garden. Some beautiful specimens, much larger than you commonly see.

Beautiful flowering specimen.

Over to the tropics. About 80ºF and humid.

I was having strong Florida flashbacks!

Next door was the aquatic plant room. All kinds of orchids and epiphytes.

Might as well be a scene out of Creature from the Black Lagoon.


Not sure what this is, but it was sure luscious. Coffee, tea, banana, pepper, cinnamon were also thriving.


The Desert room.

Grand Army Memorial Arch.

Maude and Spencer enjoying their first nap on the porch....

That's all, folks....but, check out the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens yourself

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