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We took Elizabeth to see my Mom and Sister in Austin. Click a thumbnail image to see a larger picture.

Elizabeth found a friend at the New York airport. In Austin Elizabeth got reacquainted with her Granny and Aunt. Erica-Liis, Elizabeth, and Victoria.
We found a playground and Elizabeth had her first taste of what fun she'll have in the near future. Her first ride on a slide! Where next?
Hanging out. Cheese Doodle in each hand. Historic Driskill Hotel, downtown Austin.
Restored façades along 6th Street. In the Austin Vistor's Center. We boarded the "Duck" for a tour of the city.
Elizabeth and Mom. Let's have that hat! QUACK!
Austin is for hippies of all ages. At the Salt Lick, perhaps the best BBQ to be found anywhere. Salt Lick BBQPerfect ribs, brisket and sausage.
Pinky-lickin' good! Austin ZooAustin's tiny zoo is popular with the stroller crowd. Erica-Liis and llama.
Pygmy pig. Erica-Liis & friend. Elizabeth's favorite toys.
At Austin's airport, waiting for our flight home.

That's all, folks!
The Salt Lick barbecue restaurant
Austin Duck Adventures
The Driskill Hotel
The Austin Zoo

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